Shade: Respite and Risk

Shade_compressedEpisode Two of The Roaring Redwoods is out! And I wouldn’t be doing my capitalist, entrepreneur, publishing-is-a-business best if I didn’t tell you to buy it on Amazon, Nook, or Kobo.

(You can get a Kindle app for your phone or computer too.)

Okay, pitch over, where was I?

This episode is titled Shade.

I almost titled the whole thing something to do with Shade as the  concept of shade is a big part of the story.

Throwing Shade is slang for being bitchy. As in, blocking the light from shining on someone else.

Shade offers respite from heat, glare. We seek shade. Shade can offer life to what otherwise could not grow. There are entire species of animals and plants that can only thrive in shady areas.

But shade also can conceal, as things retreat into the darkness shade offers.

Shade can also contribute to decay and rot as some Light is essential.

Shade also moves. It is not guaranteed or necessarily what we could term permanent.  It’s shady in one spot and then the sun moves and you’re feeling the sun on your skin.  And there you have “shady characters”.

I think Joe is shady. In all the good and bad ways. Even Helen, who I wrote with as much light as anyone I could imagine, has her moments of shade. Charlotte didn’t cast shade, but she lived (and died) in it. William seems to not only make shade but need its shadows too.

Any thoughts on shade in your life?


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In the Interim

My unexpected was not quite as charming as this. Not by a long shot.

I’m in an unexpected phase of life.


Sidebar: What the hell is up with that? I am not a spontaneous sort of person. I think spontaneity is great. Scheduled. People tease me when I say that, but really, I love to say, “It’s Saturday. Let’s just see what happens. But on Sunday we have plans so…”  So these unexpected phases that knock the wind out of me and capsize the whole boat-full of plans and dreams I had are really a bitch. End Sidebar.

I went to the prayer room  and one of the women praying for me felt led to say that I need to be at peace in the waiting. She had no idea what was going on with me so her words were startling and perfect.

So I have been focusing on that because it is not something I do well. And I know I am not alone or there would not be so much thought given on how to handle waiting. The study of lines, waiting rooms, the anxiety of not-knowing, and patience is, to say the least, robust.

And I came up with the idea of Interim.

I did not get this cookie in time.

I am in an Interim Period of life.

At work when you have an Interim boss or staff, there is an understanding that some decisions might be temporary when the permanent person comes on board.  There is a way of tolerating– even embracing– the interim because it’s widely known it will not last forever and we’re doing the best we  can– in the interim. And when the interim boss makes a decision you know to be crappy poorly thought out? Well, you just wait them out. He’s just the interim guy anyway. And when you know a new boss is coming in who might disrupt everything? You enjoy the breathing space you have now– in the Interim.

There is even interim housing for when people are uprooted and need some time to find their bearings- and new neighborhood. A place for them to land and be out of the weather and figure out what comes next.

The key thing about “Interim” is knowing it will be over at some point. I believe it will all work out. Eventually. It’s this in-between time that is tough. So that’s the part I have to work on. The trigger is over. The resolution isn’t here yet. I know it will be here, it’s the waiting time that is hardest.

Or could be.

But as I feel myself get keyed up and begin to stammer and sputter with “What? When? How?” I remember, it will all work itself out in the end. It always has. It will. I need to do my part and let God do his.

So I am claiming this as my Interim.

It’s just a word.

But somehow, using it in these circumstances makes me feel clever.

However, most importantly- crucially- I feel patient.

Patient. Me.

In a prayer this morning, I even said “Thank you for all the provision in this interim period.” I said THANK YOU! And I meant it!

I feel peaceful.

For now.

In the Interim.


Do you have any techniques you use to cope with the unexpected?

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Episode 1: Escape Plans

LC_TheRoaringRedwoods_compressedEpisode One of The Roaring Redwoods is titled Escape Plans and the title is easy to figure out as each character introduced needs to escape, wants to escape or is the one to be escaped from.

(If you haven’t read it feel free to pause here and head on over to Amazon, Nook, or Kobo to buy it. I’ll wait here.)

Okay, so the escapes in the episode are physical, but also mental.

As a child, I plotted the physical escape of my household. The first bedroom I can remember was on the second floor and I planned to tie my sheets and blankets together to get out the window. The only thing that kept me from doing so was not knowing where to go next.

I’ve definitely escaped relationships- not with the drama in The Roaring Redwoods certainly- but in the rear view mirror, my leaving or being left was an escape. Sometimes easy, sometimes hairy, sometimes one I didn’t want, but was grateful for later.

The mental or emotional escapes have often meant physical moves, but is a physical move necessary to truly escape? Can we shift our perspective and change our thoughts to the same effect? I tend to need a literal change of scenery. It’s not that I plan it that way, but when I look back, it seems to happen.

What have you escaped?

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