2016 Promises

I’m not into rIMG_0552esolutions or themes or words or any contrived notion of how to enter New Year’s.

I love New Year’s.

I have very set notions about entering it with all the things you want in your year: rest, good food, beverages of choice, friends, family, and laughter. But in terms of some sort of system for living your year– well, sure, whatever.

But last year, for me, I knew a lot would unfold. And there was a song called the Great Unfolding so it just flowed for me that I would have Unfolding as my 2015 theme.

And now here we are 2016. All unfolded. Maybe a few creases that won’t smooth out, but a wide blank page for 2016. And as a writer, I love filling the blank page.  Whenever I have a new stack of blank paper, I run my hand over it. It’s so lovely and full of possibilities.

So, 2016? Do tell.

And the word that keeps resonating is


In all its forms.

Promises. Promising. Promise.

As a noun. Verb. And adjective or adverb (or both). All of it!

IMG_0626 I feel such a rush going into this year. I have no idea what will happen.  I have some ideas on some things that will happen, but it’s still exciting to see how it will really turn out.

And I’m not predicting.

But given how many years experience I have with this sort of thing, I’m pretty certain- promised in fact– it will be quite a potent cocktail of love and sorrow and joy and fear and goodness and confusion.

I’m so ready. Promise.

Happy New Year! Wishing you happy and merry everything for 2016.