A Fool for Love

I am not the foolish sort.  Nor am I silly or goofy.  Even with one too many martinis, I am more just kind of messy (as in spilling things) than  foolish.

And this is true with Valentine’s Day and its theme of Lovey Dovey Gooey Love.

First, I rarely wear red. And last time I tried wearing pink, I had to change. I just couldn’t do it. I do not like those chalky heart-shaped candies. And the whole “Be Mine” thing seems stalkerish. I once got heart-shaped earrings and nearly ended the relationship.

So, it is with all this proof of my UN-foolishness that I now tell you the most foolish thing I have ever done for love.

I was 9.

I was walking  door to door in my neighborhood selling magazine subscriptions for the fundraiser at school. And I knocked on the corner house’s door and the angels sang and the golden light was blinding. Okay, not really but the man living in the brown house on the corner of Dempsey Avenue was gorgeous. Think young James Garner.

I stuttered through my pitch. I don’t even think he bought any magazines, but love is love. Even if you don’t help me win the am/fm radio (it was the 70s) for selling the most subscriptions.

I knew chances were slim that this relationship could work out given my busy fifth grade school schedule. But it was worth a try. You know, if he wasn’t married.

Showing my early inclination for writing, I wrote this Hunka-Hunka a love letter and left it on his screen door. I was beyond the “check yes if you love me too” bit, but I did ask for a response and specified when I would pick up the note.

So, on the appointed  morning, on my way to the bus stop, I crept to his porch with sweating palms to seek my destiny.

As if his fabulous black hair and white teeth weren’t enough, the hunka-hunka had a heart of gold.

He wrote back. And he left a flower with his response. And he let me down easy.

He wrote that he was very touched. And he was engaged.

I took it well. I did cease our correspondence  because I didn’t want to come between him and his fiance.

But I think it was best for all concerned when he moved.

 Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope we never outgrow a little bit of foolishness -especially where love is concerned.