A Time for Owies

April has been brutal for Little Sir. If March goes out like a lion, well, that lion attacked my guy all of April.

He fell off the couch at Grandma’s and hit the coffee table. This opened a 1 inch gash in his eyebrow. The ER Doctor elected for the super glue treatment but our family doctor later said it should have been stitches. Hoping Little Sir gets his dad’s eyebrows so the scar will be hidden. Or we’ll have to come up with a dashing story to tell because the couch at Grandma’s isn’t really that great.

Then he fell at daycare and had a black eye on the other side with a little cut.

I got vitamin E oil and both those of those were healing pretty well. Little Sir was almost fully scab-free.

And  then, ON THE VERY LAST DAY OF APRIL, he decided to leap down the step that he has previously navigated very carefully and I was a millisecond too late to catch him as I realized he was not slowing down— and he skidded to a stop. On his face. On cement.

These are just the facial injuries. The bruises and scrapes on his knees would make this post too long.

He is a rough and tumble boy. And for April, emphasis on the TUMBLE.

Ecclesiastes talks about a time for this and time for that. I’m hoping April was the time for Owies and May can be a time for…non owies? Lottery winnings?

If this doesn’t stop, we’re going to have to go union around here and post one of those signs about X many days injury free. Little Sir wouldn’t be motivated with a monetary bonus. I guess we could try watermelon. He loves watermelon. Or donuts.

So now it’s May. I picked him up from his morning activity this morning and groaned when I saw another bruise on his head. Oh no! It’s May! Come on, give this kid a break (and mama too)!

Turned out it was just peanut butter.