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Why Prayers and Cocktails? I named the blog Prayers and Cocktails because I wanted to feel like I was writing a blog along the lines of a church’s small group meeting. With cocktails. Do you know how many more people would attend small groups each week if cocktails were served? Or how much more fun small groups would be?

Maybe in your church they don’t call them small groups. In my old church they call them “care groups”. As far as I know, they do not serve cocktails. I have a toddler and live in the Boonies so I do not go to small groups. Regardless of cocktail service.

But you don’t always talk about church-y stuff– I will probably never talk about church-y stuff. At least not with a straight face. You see, I’m not very church-y.

Okay, well then, you don’t always talk about faith stuff– I hosted a small group in my house one time. And we talked about life and faith and how the two mixed or didn’t. We talked about our jobs, our friends. We talked about our mothers.  None of us were married, so we also talked about boyfriends. Or the lack thereof. And sometimes we just watched “Survivor”. So, here, it will be like that. However, I don’t watch “Survivor” anymore, so I won’t be talking about that.

And don’t forget, we’re serving cocktails.


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  2. Denise Hisey says:

    Ha ha ha!!!! I think your small group would need a large venue to accommodate everyone!
    We Christians tend to be a bit ‘stuffy’ and ‘church-y’ don’t we?
    When I first began my journey of healing and recovery, it was my Christian ‘friends’ who dropped me like a hot potato. I guess I wasn’t a good example of a Christian since I had pain in my life.
    Although I gave up on Christian friends for a long while, I never gave up on God. (more importantly, he didn’t give up on me!) He has brought me healthy Christian friends and I am blessed.
    I would still enjoy prayers and cocktails at your house, though!!! :-)

    • Charise says:

      Thanks, Denise! Thank you for reading and commenting. And thanks for “getting it”. I knew there had to be other Christians like me. The “non scary kind” as I like to call us.

  3. Kim Fisch says:

    Hi Charise…I just read your blog post on Rachelle’s site. Wonderful. I’m struggling with the whole day job thingy while getting up early to squeeze in a few hours of writing before 9am. I work as a memorialist – a fancy way to say that I help customers design their/loved ones tombstones. I, too, have heard some very interesting stories.

    Like you, I am struggling with the whole ‘look like a Christian’ thing. I’m so thankful the Lord loves us just the way we are. Putting on church faces doesn’t help us or anyone else around us – it just really causes alienation. People flocked to Jesus. As believers, people should be flocking to us because of our love for God and for others. How far we fall from that.

    Thank you for your honesty. What a breath of fresh air ~ I’ll drink to that!

    • Charise says:

      Kim, Thanks for reading at Rachelle’s and venturing over here. Jesus came to let us know God was an INCLUSIVE God. Yet, somehow, Christianity has morphed more and more towards EXclusion. It pains me and I believe, has to grieve God. So glad to “meet you” here.

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