An Influencer with God

An influencer, in writing circles, is someone an author, or an author’s representative, will seek as a book is about to release to help with the marketing end of things. If you are an influencer you are agreeing to do what you can to help spread the word. And the word is “Buy this book.”

So often, we’re asked to pray for a person.  It’s like we’re being an influencer for them. To God.

But what about those people with no one praying for them? Are they going to end up in an amazon wasteland? The dusty bottom shelf?

Since I believe God created us all and values us all , I don’t believe he is heavily influenced by those getting more prayers.  “Oh, look, lots of prayers for Cindy today. I’ll heal her. Oh, too bad, no one prayed for Joe. He’s a goner.”

I do believe prayers matter to God.  And I like praying. I feel better. It’s like art. I can’t really explain it, but I know what I like. I like prayer. It works. That’s all I got.

When I attended an Episcopal Church (that’s it in the photo), there is a point in the service called Prayers of the People. And you could add someone’s name. Someone in the church added: “And those who have no one to pray for them.” It was a solemn moment to consider.

I always wondered if there were people struggling and they suddenly felt a wave of comfort come into their souls. I hope so. I hope someone hurting felt respite. Someone lonely felt loved. Someone frightened felt safe. Amen.