And for some token eggnog…

I’m actually going to have my eggnog minus the alcohol. I like the idea of spiked nog, but not the taste as much. And why is it I only like eggnog in December?

I’ve been thinking of my own question: What makes a Christian? This is one of those questions that needs to be answered internally and externally.

Internally: What makes me a Christian? I spend time with God and myself for this answer. And it varies. I always believe, but I also fail, fear and doubt. Claiming to be a Christian is a daily feat. I don’t want to be a token Christian. I don’t want to claim to be a Christian the way I claim to be on a diet.

Externally: People have expectations of Christians based on their own experience with Christians. I grieve for people who have lost their faith or rejected God because of their experience with a “Christian”.

To call yourself a Christian is to align yourself with Jesus, the Son of God. Do so with care. Mainly, do so with love. God bless us, every one.