And Regret Nothing…

When I was in high school, I had a phenomenal teacher named Mrs. Pearson and she gave us an assignment to come up with a unique way to sign our friends’ yearbooks. Develop a catchphrase beyond the cliched “stay sweet and keep in touch”.

I came up with:

Enjoy the good,

learn from the bad

and regret nothing.

And I’ve tried to live that way.

But I don’t know.

Enjoy the good? I often find myself wondering when the good will end. Is it too good to be true? When is the other shoe going to drop? Or I missed the good altogether because I was busy working, or worrying.

Learn from the bad? Well, I put “quick learner” on my resume, but I sure have had to make some mistakes more than once to really learn the lesson.

And that brings us to…regret nothing. Nothing?

First of all, I only define a regret as something I had reasonable control over. So I can not hold a regret over someone else’s choices, someone else’s behavior, or the San Francisco Giant’s.

But I do have regrets. There are situations I look back on that I would have handled so differently. I once told off a friend. Did she have it coming? Oh yes. Did I need to do it? Oh no. I had a more recent situation where a friend was struggling and I didn’t recognize it. Instead of helping, I think I made it worse.

There are opportunities I passed up. Others I didn’t (and wish I would have). There are people i’ve hurt. People I let hurt me. Things I’ve said. Things I haven’t said.

Maybe I should have stuck with “stay sweet and keep in touch.”