And so it ends. And begins.

ID-100226283How’s 2015 going for you? I felt– at the end of 2014– that this year would be a pivotal one. So many things were happening or going to happen (or not happen as the case may be) that I knew I would reach the end of it with a WOW.

I’m getting divorced. We separated in October 2014, but it wasn’t until the anniversary passed in February that I think I really truly 100% believed it. I was going down the road thinking at any second, it would take a different curve. But it didn’t. And when I got handed the papers in March, well, that was a moment of crystal clear clarity too.

My daughter is graduating college. And she is not coming back home. I am so proud of her and so devastated to find out all my prayers that she would grow into an amazing independent woman have worked. She is independenting herself right out of California. I am now that mom that whines says, “Whyyyyy don’t you call me more?”

My son is starting kindergarten. Real school. We’re both pretty excited. But it will be a big change.

Most likely I will have a job change and be moving. Though those are guesses at this point.

10888684_10152560090726723_519832446758216242_n-2It’s a mix of life beginnings and endings. And some of the endings are the beginnings.

This also seems to be happening internally. I’ve had some Big God moments reminding me how much we should love our lives and the people in it and how we should not get too attached.

How hard we should work in this life and how willing we need to be to let it all go. How we need to use our powers for good and  know we have very little power at all.

It’s only May. It’s been quite a year.