Behind the Scenes: Decanted

Decanted is the second novel in the California Cocktails series (there are four in total). The whole series focuses on three women friends and their favorite bartender.

Lemon Twist was the first in the series and focused on Audrey’s story. How her broken engagement, breaks more than her heart. And how she puts it all back together.

Decanted will focus on Julia Devon.

Julia’s background is harsh and she has worked hard to put it behind her and for the most part, she has succeeded. Except when it comes to personal relationships. She clings to the friendships she has with Audrey and Kate– because they are the only ones she has.

Except for Foster her dog.

She even keeps Quinn at arm’s length because when it went bad (not if), she didn’t want to jeopardize the trio being able to enjoy a cocktail at his place, Speak.

The idea for Julia’s story came from being a foster parent and working with foster youth teens. I wanted to write a character with a story so different from my own. The story developed as Julia wrestles with the ghosts of her past to protect the future she wants so badly.

Julia is a survivor. A warrior. The thing is, not everything in life has to be a battle.

Decanted is scheduled to release May 2017.