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Shade: Respite and Risk

Episode Two of The Roaring Redwoods is out! And I wouldn’t be doing my capitalist, entrepreneur, publishing-is-a-business best if I didn’t tell you to buy it on Amazon, Nook, or Kobo. (You can get a Kindle app for your phone … Continue reading

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Writing Is Not a Ministry

So I started writing many years ago and then got more serious. Then not so much. Then I said something to DH- probably when we were dating and I was trying to be show-offey because he’s so smart and talented- … Continue reading

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How Grammar Will Drive Me to an Early Grave

So my devil-may-care, martini-joking self hides a worrier. And of the assorted things I worry about, Alzheimer’s or some equally terrible disease sucking away my brain is one. I don’t know why I am preoccupied with this. It does not … Continue reading

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