Christmas Wish Lists

I’m not really on anyone’s Christmas Shopping List anymore. I don’t say that in a whiny way, it just is a sign of the times. I’m single. My oldest is out of the house. My youngest doesn’t’ shop yet. It’s just one of those things.

I do have a couple of friends I exchange with, but I’m talking about the under-the-tree-love-from-Santa gifts.

I buy for myself because when you’re single and your kids are young- it’s puzzling and sad for them to see you with nothing in the stocking or under the tree. While I’m all for the thoughtfulness of others, I’m kinda loving my own thoughtfulness too.

I think this should be a thing. Standard. Tradition. Buy a gift for others. Buy one for yourself. And it has to be a gift. Not the underwear and dish soap you need.

My lists vary drastically year to year. One year, I was all about a favorite perfume. Another vintage milk glass. Last year, books. Okay, okay, every year is books. This year it’s power tools (home improvement projects galore) and in related news, manicures.

Care to share? As a thoughtful gift-giver, what would you give yourself?