Complex Tequila

It’s been a rough week. I’m going to take a shot of tequila tonight. The top of the shelf expensive stuff, if you don’t mind. The stuff ruined by salt and lime. The stuff you sip, not slug.

I like it complicated. Now, for those who know me, that opening line could be applied to many an area. But those are not the areas I like complicated. The relationships with my teens, the communications with the ex’s, why there are ants in the bathtub—all those things I would prefer to be much less complex. I like God being complicated. I like it that he is not easily understood. That he is too big for one person to describe. In the Bible, God is revealed in different forms and with a multitude of character traits.

Thank God.

This life can be messy and damn hard. The way people behave or don’t behave. The things people do. To each other. To children. To themselves. To our world. If God were too simple, too easy to figure out, too one-dimensional- it wouldn’t work. I personally most identify with the image of God as a Heavenly Father. For me, he has been a Father personified: advisor, disciplinarian, rescuer and comforter. And I have been His child personified: bad listener, rebellious, needy, adoring and grateful.

For others he is Alpha/Omega, Creator, Shaddai, and more.

I’m glad we have a God big enough and tough enough to handle us all. We are made in the image of God and look at the uniqueness of THAT. Seriously, take a ride on the public bus sometime and marvel at the, um, uniqueness of God’s image.

It’s not that I don’t struggle with God’s complexity- far from it. I’ve got a list of questions for when we meet. But given the choice, I’ll take complicated.