Do you know Joe like I know Joe?

It was a lot of fun to get to hire a book cover designer for The Roaring Redwoods and Kalen deserves an award for patience as I stumbled my way through the process.

The photo we had was good. And Kalen found the backgrounds to use and used graphic design magic to create mood and fix all sorts of things.

Except for Joe. His hat just was not right and he just didn’t look like the good hearted guy who just happened to occasionally kill someone for Johnny Torrio. He didn’t look old enough, savvy enough, moody enough. And the hat really bothered me.

So, Kalen worked some magic and we recast Joe. What are your thoughts? I of course like New Joe. He does seem to be looking at her cleavage intently, but that’s okay. He’s a man afterall.   It happens.

Original  Joe                                       New Joe