Enough! = Enough.

river_1Is there a word for the phenomena of something you’re thinking about and then you start seeing it everywhere?

This would happen in Mrs. Pearson’s vocabulary class in high school. Some rather remote word we were learning would suddenly show up in everything I was reading. Before she introduced it, I had never seen that word before in my life. (She said we did see it, but we skipped over it.)

Or as my friend Linda would say, you start shopping for refrigerators and then everywhere you go, there are refrigerators.

There’s probably a perfect foreign word for this. I love those languages that have words for the human condition. Something that would take us a sentence to explain in English and come to find out German has it all wrapped up in one. Those efficient Germans. 😉

Anyway, I have been running into this concept of “enough” lately. It seems everywhere. It just happened again.


As in, you are…

I am…

I have…

There is…


It’s not anything new. But I’ve had some stuff going on and found myself writing encouraging messages on my bathroom mirror (corny, true, and effective). And the one that has held:

Enough! = Enough.

Speaking of foreign languages, in Spanish, there are two words that translate to “enough”. One is Bastante! This version of “enough” is used for when- in English- we’d also say “Stop it!” “I’ve had it!”

The other word is sufficiente.  It’s the mellower version of enough. It looks like sufficient, which I think in English is code for lacking. You barely made it– it’s sufficient.

But in Spanish, it is a word to connote completion. Whole. Enough.

For me, I reached Enough!


And it brought me back to… enough.


I am. I have. This is.

Enough! = Enough.