Exciting News! Clean House and Toddlers Can Co-Exist

And here I thought no one read this blog. I posted this past week about the battle of cleaning a house with a toddler. And then I got an exciting call. Some of my ideas sparked an actual product line!

It’s all very hush hush, but I can share a few tidbits here. Fisher Price and Swiffer are partnering together on a new line of house cleaning equipment that are also toddler friendly. Here are a few of the products slated to be released:

Ride ’em cowboy… There will be an adjustable saddle that you can fasten to your canister vacuum allowing your toddler a fun “pony” ride while the floors get done.

Speaking of clean floors… You know that little push toy that pop up balls as the little guy walks through the house? Well, those will be equipped with a small vacuum attachment. So now the little guy will push that toy through the house and instead of colorful beads popping into the clear dome, he will see pet hair and discarded goldfish crackers.

One Size Fits All… Swiffer and the Magic Eraser (btw best cleaning product invented in my lifetime) will partner to design an adorable onesie that you can slide your toddler into and then set him loose. Whatever he crawls on, up or under will be clean.

Happy April Fools Day!