Extraordinary Love with our Extraordinary Snow

It’s very cold and rainy today. I think some mulled wine sounds good. Something warm and cozy to enjoy as I watch the rain pool around the stalks of my daffodils.

And I know it is colder and the weather more severe other places, but I live here and for us, this is cold! It snowed most of the morning which is rather extraordinary.

In keeping with my February love theme and our extraordinary morning snow showers, I want to post about loving my children. The definition for “my children” is broad here. I am including all the children I have mothered. There are the nephews and niece, the cousins, the foster children, my biological children, step child and the lost waifs that touched my mothering spirit along the way. They are all my children as far as I’m concerned.

When people ask how many children I have, I sometimes answer, “It depends on how you count.”

Mothering has been an astonishing life experience for me. Becoming a mother helped to heal heart wounds from my childhood. Becoming a mother to children I did not bear, helped me know love is not a matter of biology and labor pains. Mothering children who did not know me as a mother but as their teacher, case worker or neighbor made me learn that titles are meaningless. Mothering this way also made me especially and eternally grateful for the mothering I received from those who were not my mother.Becoming a mother gave me a knowing of God’s love I could not previously grasp.

The theme of these posts this month is loves. The love I have been able to give and receive as a mother has given me the ability to know love in any form.

Whadayathink? If you’re a parent, how has it affected love for you?