Fireworks on a Wednesday

As Little Sir and I had dinner together the other night, he asked if we could do fireworks (i.e.; sparklers) before bed.

And I, OF COURSE, said: Yes.

I love fireworks– as has been well-established— so it was an easy yes.

Fireworks come twice a year. Three if you get a trip to Disneyland or something. But pretty much its New Years and Independence Day.

But this was none of those. Just a Wednesday. And a Wednesday that hadn’t gone fully to plan at that.

And so we finished dinner, I cleaned the kitchen, he played with our new dogs, and then we went outside in our PJs and lit sparklers.

Little Sir remembered the cheering we did at New Year’s and started yelling “Fourteen is outta’ here!”

I jumped in “Good bye Wednesday! Here comes Thursday!” We kept it up until our box was empty.

And it was a little moment that wasn’t so little.

Too often I can wait for the big moments, the special occasions. Or if I lose momentum, I feel I have to wait till the first of the month or the next Monday or the whathaveyou.

But those sparklers hissing and lighting up our front yard proved that even a plain ol’ Wednesday is special. And waking up to a new Thursday is just as special as New Year’s.

We can “do over” anytime. We can get a fresh start in a new day, hour or even minute. Our time might be limited, but its potential for new perspectives, new energy, new work, new insight is UN-limited.

So it was one of those plain ol’ Wednesdays that saw its way out in a starburst of chemistry and hearts full of magic, welcoming the night.

And the morning to come.

I hope your Wednesdays- and all days- are the same. Sparklers optional.