First round of 2011: Resolutions with a glass of red.

Tonight I’ll have a nice glass of red and enjoy the last night of Christmas lights. A Cab or Zin with bold flavors and a little zing on the finish. I read a lot of blogs and friends’ holiday letters protesting the idea of resolutions. I’m going to buck that trend and set a couple.
This year, I want to be careful with where and with whom I use my energy. To be new-agey about it, I’m going to be more intentional. I want to choose how I will spend my 24 hours more carefully and avoid feeling overwhelmed by trying to do much.

The second resolution is I want to believe that God has my back. Always.

I want to believe all the fridge magnets and bumper stickers: God is for us, not against us! God is good all the time and then some! Let go, let God! All those sound so nice but when the rubber meets the road and cookies crumble and I’m planted somewhere I’m not sure I want to bloom– it’s hard for me to reach towards faith instead of fear and panic (and chocolate).

This is day 7. For resolution #1, so far so good. I’m feeling pretty good. I chose to watch that episode of “Real Housewives”, thank you very much.

I’ve all ready been challenged on resolution #2. I got some news this week that had me doubled over in the shower with defeat. I managed to mumble to God that I was really trying to believe all that cheery crap. I just kept mumbling until I was able to stand upright. After the initial fright, I was able to move on, confident that I had no idea what God was planning. But also sure that whatever it is, it is good.

Did you make any resolutions? How’s it going?