Glowin’ and Crowin’

header_2.jpgSo a funny thing happened on my way over to write this post…I knew what I wanted to write but didn’t have a title. I stared at my monitor and up in the top right corner I have these quotes from “Hello, Dolly” that show up. My friend Jef, who set up my blog, did that and I like it.

So, as I looked up there it said “You’re still glowin’, you’re still crowin'” and there we go.

It’s a weird place in life right now. I have a partially empty nest, but with Little Sir only 4, it is not going to be empty for quite a while. And going through a divorce in my forties is way different than it was in my twenties. They’re both awful and sad, but there are some big differences.

There are times where so much of my life seems behind me. I’m not being dramatic, it’s just a lot of things I set out to do, I did. And what I thought was ahead of me is not (e.g.; being married). It can cause some rough moments.

Moments I try to rise above because Little Sir doesn’t need a mom who approaches life “been there, done that.” And as I pull it together for him, I also do it for me.

And then every-single-time, something happens that reminds me I’m not done.

I got flirted with (that was very weird). I had a total stranger approach me telling me how adorable I looked that day. What a nice thing to do.

I’m starting a new job. Making new friends. New stories to write.

I ran into someone who lived in Spain and it reminded me of how Spain is at the top of my travel bucket list. Little Sir shows me how parenting is never repetitive. I’ve got relatives on speaking terms again so there’s some catching up to do. Even the redwoods I’ve seen for over a decade.

So…I’m still glowin’ and crowin’.