God Bless Us, Every One

Christmas is not my favorite holiday. I like it okay, but it’s not something I wait for all year. I’m not a Scrooge or Grinch, but it’s just not something I get all doe-eyed about. But there are some things I really do love:

I love those Snow and Heat Miser brothers. I can’t pick my favorite. I love them both.

I love seeing people dressed in Christmas clothes. And I mean DRESSED. I love seeing someone in the green and white striped leggings, red bedecked sweat shirt and Christmas light bulbs for ear rings. Add a antler headband. Won’t do it myself, but You, Go, Gurl! You just don’t see that for other holidays the way you do at Christmas. I love it.

I love Christmas lights. The one thing I don’t like about country living is we just don’t put up lights out here. But I’m willing to drive to see them. They’re ALMOST as good as fireworks. Love them.

I love decorating the house. It is the only holiday I really decorate for. I have a few things I put up for others, but Christmas really shows in the house with a village, nativity and garlands and wreaths I make. This year I especially love the train under the tree. I have always wanted one and I got one! Love it.

I love the Christmas Story and how it seems to give me something new to think about each year. I’ve known the story for a long time now, but each year I connect with something different in the reading of Jesus’ birth. I love that.

I love how even with the annoying parts of Christmas {bad carols, grouchy shoppers, pine needles clogging the vacuum}, there will be some small moment that makes me GET it. That makes me smile and love it all. This year that moment was my littlest guy taking me by the hand to ask me to light the candles on my holz pyramiden. Watching his eyes reflect the candle light and his hands clap as the brass wheel begins to spin and the angels whirl to ring the chimes… that was my Christmas moment.

What was yours?