Having a Moment

Texas BBQ and Sweet Tea

Forgive me if I sound emotional. I just had a Moment with the appointment setter for my new health insurance. I warned her she was about to give me a Moment and she said, “That’s all right. You go right ahead because I’m about to have one with you.”

I also just got back from Texas this week and this woman was clearly from a Southern part of the country. Between the soft roll of her accent, words of support and blessing and me missing sweet tea, I’m a wreck.

And it prompted me to post that you can find God’s goodness and blessing anywhere. And the unexpected places are perhaps the most breathtaking. I mean, I just needed to get Little Sir’s physical and one for me too. Oh, and while I’m at it I better schedule a mammogram. Because even though I am only 39 (ahem), I should have one of those. So, you can probably ascertain that I was not really chipper. And I sure wasn’t speaking any Christianese to suggest  that we should, would or could have a God Moment right there on the phone in between why Tuesday won’t work and how about Thursday.

And here’s how it happened:

For all three of those appointment requests, there was an opening today. The Rep says, “You know I look for things. And here you have three appointments available to you today. That never happens. And I believe in the power of three and it means completion.”

And I sort of laughed because I’m not sure where this conversation is going and a bit preoccupied with whether or not my ta-tas will be in the same condition after the mammogram as before. What if they’re mashed permanently?

She continues that she feels God’s spirit powerfully over me. And then she kind of hums like a hymn is playing in her headset and she got caught up. She says she knows blessings are going to rain down on me and I just need to wait for it and soak it in.

That’s when I choke up and tell her she’s going to give me a Moment. And she did. I had an honest to goodness Moment right there on the phone. And it was beautiful. I don’t know if her prophecy will come true, but the Goodness she foretold? Well, she gave me a head start.

Have you ever had a Moment hit you out of nowhere?