Holy Moments

river_1I recently had an experience that was so sacred, that even as I try to find the words for this post, I wish I could just let you see my heart– full of love and tenderness.

I love finding holy moments outside of church. It helps when the world seems so full of the UN-holy.

So this experience was dinner with 12 of my relatives. We had an amazing time. Laughing, telling stories, teasing, expressing gratitude for one another.

If you know me at all, yes, these were MY relatives. Actual blood relations.

That I enjoyed being around! Only tears from the laughing and joy of it. Not the drama and anguish.

And if they’re to be believed, they enjoyed me back. It was amazing.

If you have this regularly in your life, it is no less holy. Marinate in that stuff.

I came home so full and fragile, I just sat covered in my new quilt hoping the love would seep out and be absorbed by the beautiful stitches and pattern my cousin created.

And so when I need to feel all that love and goodness and holiness again, I will wrap myself in her quilt let the warmth of the fabric and the goodness of the love seep in to the deep places.