How’s the view up there?

I watched President Obama make the announcement Sunday night. I had poured a glass of wine previously, but it went untouched as I heard the news that osama bin laden was dead.

I have mixed feelings about all this. I believe in God. A God who created us all- even the ones who don’t believe in him. And yes, even the ones who twist God to justify horrific evil. I don’t believe God’s intention for his creation to go around murdering one another. And that includes the USA.

But you know, there’s a lot about this world I’m pretty sure God didn’t intend.

And I’m glad bin laden is dead.  And I’m glad it was not of natural causes. And I’m glad it was our military who did it.

One regret I can find- aside from the large scale This-Ain’t-The Garden-of-Eden regret- is it sounds like he died quickly and even painlessly. Unlike the victims of his terrible legacy.

Am I suggesting this is right or good or Christian? Nope. It’s just me. I think that if you commit certain acts, you shouldn’t get to live here anymore. And by “here”, I mean earth. And I think it would be even better if you left in the same amount of pain you inflicted.

But I didn’t feel the need to put on my lycra flag suit (did you see that guy?) or break into song.

I prayed. I prayed that this news brings comfort to those who continue to suffer from bin laden’s brand of horror. And I prayed that there might be someone who is saved from the corrosive terror he preached. His death makes one less terrorist on this planet. But I pray his death prevents some of the poor, uneducated and mentally fragile from taking up his cause.

And I also prayed for mercy for all God’s creation who fall so short of His intentions.