I am Woman, Hear Me…Meow…

So, I’m pretty tough.

I kill spiders. I bait my own hook. I’ve given myself injections. I’m not afraid of heights or the dark. I know how to use power tools. I know how to change my oil and a tire (though I do outsource those jobs). In my professional and personal life, I have had some pretty extreme circumstances that have not broken me.

Well, not permanently anyway.

I have never gotten a guy by playing dumb.

In fact, I was cast in a play as an airhead and the director had to demonstrate because I just could not do it.

And then… and then I have to call the fire department because my stove is broken.

I find it amazing how my perception of myself can change so quickly. I can leave my house feeling skinny and arrive to work feeling obese. I can speak using all the right lingo in English and Spanish and then five minutes later be gesturing and stammering hoping my inarticulate charades will somehow be deciphered.

I can arrive home and smell propane and go play in the sandbox with Little Sir until the fire department arrives to tell me the pilot light went out on my oven. And even though I felt smart for checking the propane tank level and the stove top pilots and the heater’s pilot light, I felt like a total GIRL for not checking the oven.

And it’s not to say I don’t make mistakes or that I know everything. That is absolutely not the case. It’s more about the turbo speed movement between me feeling competent and completely foolish.

What about you? When’s the most recent time you felt TOGETHER? And the most recent time you…DID NOT?