I Choose Blessed

Christmas is next week. My house looks like Las Vegas. I loved seeing Little Sir’s face light up with each strand I plugged in and went for it.  I wasn’t sure how much Christmas Spirit I’d have this year.

And that got me wondering about Christmas Spirit. Is it something from inside? Do we make it? Or is it something we catch from the atmosphere around us?Like the flu?

Little Sir has helped me this year. At some point, “doing it for the kid” turned into genuine enthusiasm and I am enjoying this time of year. My house smells like pine and toffee.  My Christmas cards came out really cute!


I’m sure some will open my envelope (that Little Sir decorated!) and think, “How sweet. She’s putting up a brave front.”

But I’m not.

I am blessed. Look at those kids! As I try to figure out what to type next in this post, I can look out my windows at Redwood trees and birds warming themselves in the patches of sunlight dappling through the trees’ canopy. I have a heater warming my home and another one pointed directly at my feet. I won a basket at a holiday raffle.

I talked with a Mom at the park today who is thinking she’ll home school after the news of last week. And she may not go to the elementary school’s Christmas show to see her freind’s kid perform either.

And I so get it. The madness and loss is staggering. I won’t say much because my vocabulary fails to do justice to the horror of the children and adults killed last week. And it’s not just the act itself, it goes on with callous media, opportunistic politicians and ignorant people on Facebook.

But I told the mom, we have to do our best each day. And not let it all drive us crazy.

We have to choose to see the blessings.

There is no blessing in the deaths of those men, women and children. I’m not going there.

But last week, I saw this link and it helped. I will not ignore the evil or try to sugarcoat it.

But I am going to see the good. I am going to hold on to the good like a buoy when I’d otherwise drift. I’m going to see light, even if I have to squint.

And that’s what I’m doing with Christmas. I don’t know if the spirit for this season is something I create or catch, but I am choosing it. I am choosing to smell (and eat) the toffee and not bemoan the calories. I am choosing to love the lights and the handmade ornaments and not curse the pine needles wheedling their way into my carpet. I am choosing a hotel with an indoor pool, and not dwell on the family who can’t be here. I am choosing to take a break from Facebook.

It’s not all brown paper packages tied up with string around here. Let’s be real. There are several choices I’d rather have different options available.

But given this day. Given this life. Given this time.

I choose faith.

I choose good.

And I choose blessed.

God bless you. Merry Christmas.





*this post was updated to add pictures and correct a spelling error