I’d Probably be the Innkeeper

December 20 2012 106In the story of the Nativity, who would you be?

In American versions, the Innkeeper is usually kind of grouchy and too busy to pay close attention to what is really happening. Given the culture of the period, I’m not sure this would be true, but it’s how he is portrayed.

It’s advent– the season of waiting. Where we wait for the Light of the World. It gets dark early and we wait until after Christmas when there is more light each day. It’s advent, where we wait for the joy of Christmas with its music and presents and general frivolity. It’s advent, when we wait and hope the light comes soon to break through this darkness and help us see the path again.

It’s a weird time for me. I can’t see the Light, but I absolutely believe it’s there. This is so counter-intuitive to my default settings, I’m mystified.

In the Christmas story (the real one, not the one about the BB gun), I could see me as an innkeeper. Busy, eye on the bottom line. Yes, I want to help, and I care, but I also get busy. And grouchy.

But, I think I’d see that family. That baby. That star. Those shepherds. And I’d get it. I’d get the light.

Better late than never. Just wait for it.