If Positions Were Reversed…

I have a friend with whom I have a lot in common.  We disagree too, but because we’re so much alike he will say, “If positions were reversed…”

And it does make me pause. Because it’s so easy to be the pot calling the kettle black. It’s so easy to talk about what someone else ought to do, until you’re in their shoes.

And so yes, that brings me to our new President.

I did not vote for him and frankly, am appalled. But all those arguments have been made and he won the election. He worked within our system and won. Going on about why and how and what were people thinking…that time is over.

He is the guy.

Our system is amazing and a model for many other countries. It has worked pretty okay for over 200 years. It has been tested and survived.

(And before someone brings up Russia, President Obama said that type of interference has happened before. It is what they do. And frankly, it is we have done to other countries too.)

On Inauguration Day, I will wear black. Because I don’t think the right person got the job.

I will read his speech. And I will pray that he can rise to the occasion (of the presidency not a one day show).

Because. Well.

He is the guy.

And because it is what I wanted Republicans to do eight years ago. I didn’t understand why they couldn’t give our new guy a chance. Why couldn’t they try to work together and just SEE what was possible? Why couldn’t they offer solutions instead of obstacles? Why didn’t they act like the leaders they were elected to be?

I was going to go to protest on Saturday. But this new guy hasn’t actually done anything to protest (yet). No law has been changed. No taxes raised. No benefits cut.

Because if positions were reversed…

I would want people who feel like I do now to give her a chance. Just breathe and let’s see what really happens.

I want my side of the aisle to be the leaders we did not see from the other side these last eight years. Let’s show them how it’s done. Let’s be statesmen and stateswomen. Let’s not be the obstructionists they were. Let’s not panic. Let’s not make our number one priority to keep this new guy from a second term.

Let’s make our number one priority to do what is good for our people and our country.

Let’s listen. Listen with intelligence and discernment. And yell our heads off when something is wrong (regardless of the aisle). But let’s not cry the sky is falling before we’ve even felt the acorn.

Because if positions were reversed…


PS I promise I am not going to blog about politics as a regular thing. But you gotta’ admit– regardless of your position– this was one heck of an election.