It’s a miracle!

Do you feel like you know me? Well, if you do, here is something you need to know: I have terrible sinuses. I Usually 2-3 infections a year and many other “episodes”. I have an arsenal of tricks that sometimes work, but it is a constant thing with me. Allergies, colds and flu always lead to sinus infection. I have needed multiple rounds of antibiotics. So, like last week’s arduous vacuuming story, let’s cut to the chase: I have terrible sinuses.

What is funny (not in the haha way) is how often I seem to forget this. I miss a couple of days of my regimen and wake up deathly ill. I do not think, “Uh oh, I haven’t been keeping up my routine and now am paying for it. Get back to it, Charise Old Girl, and you’ll feel better in no time.”

Firstly, I never call myself Old Girl. I will never voluntarily refer to myself using the adjective Old.

Secondly, when I wake up deathly ill I basically think, well, that I’m going to die. Hence, the use of the word DEATHLY.

In my defense, I know someone who had a stroke as a result of an untreated sinus infection. So that occurs to me. I also think of the people in Louisiana who died from a brain eating parasite because of the water in their neti pot (which is a key part of my regimen). Sidenote: BOIL the water first.

I also believe that sinus pressure constricts the part of my brain where logic resides. The doctor says this is not true, but what do they know?

So then I take medicine and all the other stuff to combat my symptoms and I swear it is like I regained the power of sight.


It’s enough to make a person skip.

But why is that? Why do I neglect the very things that keep me healthy? Why, when I feel sick do I go to worst case? Why do I not remember that with the right self care (& an inordinate amount of tissue), I’ll be just fine in a day or two.

You see where I’m going with that, right?

Okay. Your turn. Share something about yourself. Make me feel better (because my sinuses are bothering me).