Let’s Discuss: Circumstances vs Character

What do you think of this fortune?

Circumstances do not make the man, they merely reveal himself to himself.

Initially, it speaks to me of integrity in all things. If you lie in small things, you’ll lie in big things. It means if you’re selfish when you have a little, you’ll be selfish when you have a lot (and vice versa).

But I also think about how circumstances have changed me. Here’s an example, I always thought I handled emergencies well. I had several examples of keeping my cool in the heat of the moment. And then, a few years ago, my son had a medical emergency, and I lost way more than my cool. I lost my mind until the ambulance driver gave me a little shake and brought me to my senses. I’m not hysterical, but in those circumstances I certainly was.

So believe me, I get circumstances. There are definitely times where it’s harder to be who I believe myself to be than others. I don’t think I put up with a lot of BS. Yet, in certain relationships, I have put up with enough BS to fertilize several small countries (e.g. Austrailia).

And you never hear this about good qualities.

“You’re so generous.”

“Not really, it’s just the circumstances.”

So, Let’s discuss:  It’s circumstantial. Truth or excuse?