Let’s Discuss! Facebook posts.

What kind of Facebook posts annoy you the most?

The Vague post– “So very sad right now.” or “Well, that didn’t go as expected.”

The Brag without Bragging post– “On the best-seller list again!”

The Ultimatum Post– “Comment below or I’ll unfriend you.”

The Fire & Brimstone Post– “Show you love Jesus! Share!”

The Dare Post– “I dare you to like this or share this or post this…”

The One-sided Opinionated Post– “Vote for! Believe this! Down with that!” BUT THEN a dissenting opinion is shared or facts presented and the poster freaks out.

The TMI Post– “Nothing like going into the bathroom and…”

The You’re Part of the Problem Post– “See how much I hate this or want this to stop and so let me show a detailed photo and link and make it go viral….” Um…

What’s the worst? What else? I like Facebook and even if I didn’t, there are too many people I keep in touch with that way…but like people, there are some I elements I could do without.