Let’s Discuss: Grace or Gut?

So… How do you know when to offer grace– “we all make mistakes” and “we’re all human” and “I’ve felt that too” and “people can change” and “benefit of the doubt?”

And when do you decide the twist in your gut and know “enough is enough” and “believe people when they tell you who you are– the first time” and “you know what you know” and “once bitten, twice shy?”

I’m decisive which can make me insightful AND judgmental. So I usually lead with the second (gut) but then feel bad and go to the first (grace).

i’ve made my share of mistakes and appreciate the times people have given me grace. I want to give that to others, but I’m also flippin’ tired of feeling like something is not quite right, but then over-ruling that feeling because someone has convinced me I’m being harsh and unforgiving.

But I also have been burned. Badly.

Maya Angelou is the one who said “Believe people when they show you who they are- the first time.” That first time seems to be the kicker. I seem to need a third time before I truly believe.

Any tricks you know for knowing the difference between playing nice and getting played?