Let’s Discuss: Health News

file000162092220I am taking a few baby steps towards getting healthier. I started taking vitamins. I’m more thoughtful about meals and processed foods. I’m going to try some techniques that will increase my water intake without making me feel like I’m drinking water (bleh).

I’ve started exercising….

So here’s the discussion: How do you know what health news to believe?

Drink Coffee. Give up coffee.

No alcohol. A glass of red wine a day.

Take vitamins. Vitamins are a waste of time.

Paleo. Mediterranean. Gluten free. Atkins. Raw. South beach.

And on it goes.

I always think of a theory Mrs. Couch told me about in high school biology. At one time, scientists believed mice came from dirty rags and a little water.  NOW that seems silly, but at the time it made sense to the folks who were supposed to know these things.

So, how do you decide what to believe? Try? Use? The drinks I’m making for us tonight have fruit juice, so they’re healthy.

So pull up a seat and fill me in!