Let’s Discuss: Moving Tips

As I last posted, we’re moving. I’ve been in the cabin for four years. I went through a major down-sizing to get here so I don’t have decades to sort through, but there’s always more than you think.

So, have you moved? Any tips? Let’s discuss!

I asked on FB about traveling with the cat… We’ll have to take a test drive and see if I’ll end up drugging him or me or both of us. Oy vey.

I’ve moved several times and have a few strategies. What about you? Share!

  • Start early. There is never enough time. Set the goal of NO PACKING on move day. You will not reach this goal but it is a worthy one nonetheless.
  • Label by room rather than contents because your moving help needs to know which room the box needs to go to. If you have multiple bedrooms, put notes on the doors at the new place so movers can find “Little SIr’s Bedroom” without direction. Make box labels match the new place- not the old. If you’re leaving the den behind, don’t label the box “den”.
  • Try to get as many boxes of the same size/shape as possible. Like those copy paper boxes with lids? Movers can stack those on a dolly and it will save money and time. I had a mover knock $200 off the price because I made it much easier for him.
  • Big boxes? Over-rated. They get too heavy too fast. Stick with the medium boxes. We get deliveries at work on Mondays and Wednesdays in these great boxes with attached lids– I prowl around for them and have recruited co-workers to help.
  • Don’t wash things as you pack. This is hard because as I packed my milk glass collection, I saw how much it needed washing. But once it’s wrapped in newsprint and stored and then unpacked…I’ll want to wash it again so I’ll just save the effort now and wash on the unpacking end.
  • Do not take candles or crayons or other items at risk for melting. You’ll just have a mess. Give them away. If you have something that is risky, but you can’t part with, pack it on its own so the mess is contained.
  • Moving plants long distances is more hassle than it’s worth and I say this as someone who has a story for every plant in the house. I’m not looking forward to giving the plants away.
  • Pack a “go box” and label it with bright colored paper. This is similar to a go bag in that you want to pack all the items you need the first day or two of being in a new place. You don’t need to find the box with sheets and then towels and then the one with the coffee… Pack one box with TP, Paper Towels, Soap, Cork Screw, Martini Glass— you know those absolute essentials… Label that box with bright paper so it is distinct and easy to find.

Tell me what you’ve learned about moving…