Let’s Discuss: When is Silence Not Golden

So, I am not the silent type. I always laugh when people say something like “Well, you just have to let him know how you feel. Don’t expect him to read your mind.” I really can’t imagine anyone thinking that they have to guess at what I’m thinking. I will share.

file000162092220This comes from me being naturally talkative, but also from being forced into silence through a lot of my childhood. At 18, I decided that would be the end of that!

But as I grew up (after 18), I did have to learn that my opinion is not always welcome. Or worse, right.

It was shocking.

And here’s one lesson I learned later than I wished:  Even if I am right, I may not be the best source for someone to hear it from. I had some great suggestions for my husband’s ex-wife. And then it clicked for me (sadly much later than it should have), she was never going to hear it from me. No matter how right I was. Never.


And then there are just the things that don’t need to be said. They don’t matter. It’s not going to help. So leave it.

Or should you?

How do you decide?

I don’t mean the things you didn’t think to say in the moment, but you just honestly kept to yourself thinking it was better. Spinach in your friend’s teeth. Your concerns for someone’s health.

But how do you know?

I’ll order the next round and let me know what you know. Let’s discuss!