Life Lessons from Poky Little Puppy

I have a toddler and I’ve been reading to him from the day he got here. I have books in his crib, in my purse and all over the house. He was helping me turn the pages at five months! It was one of the best days when he brought a book to me. As we read some of the classics, I realized there’s a lot to be learned in those colorful pages:

  • Poky Little Puppy– use all your senses to get the most out of dessert
  • The Little Red Caboose– be happy with who you are because we all have a purpose. And there is help out there to find/accomplish your purpose.
  • Hungry Catepillar– if you do nothing for a solid week but eat stuff you’re not supposed to eat- you will be big and fat.
  • Going on a Bear Hunt– You can’t go around it, above it or beneath the obstacles in life. You have to go through it.

Whadaythink? What’s your favorite children’s stories? And did they teach you any truisms?