Real Love: Graham Crackers Fail, Plywood Pass

I’m still working that theme of loves for February.

Another martini I love is a Key Lime Pie Martini. I mean, it has a graham cracker crumb rim for goodness sake! I love it! I love this drink so much, I rarely have it. It is one of those things that could be dangerous if I were to indulge too often.

And therefore, we know it is not a real love.

I am consistently amazed by real love. The kind that can’t be dangerous, the kind that can’t have a limit. The kind that you can give, and give and end up with more than you started with. The kind that doesn’t lead to a drinking problem.

I have only known this love in my life in very few circumstances: God, My Children, My Grandparents and Darling Husband.

This week was Darling Husband’s and my eight year anniversary.

After my first marriage ended, I was intent to know how to avoid such a tragedy in the future. I scrutinized the wedding photos for clues of the devastation that would come. But all I could see was a lot of smiles, peach satin and ivory lace.

So, I developed three tests for compatibility: move a piece of furniture together, go camping, plan something important to both of you. And one rule: never share a bathroom.

And I think those tests have merit. Darling Husband passed all three with flying colors. In fact, when we first started dating, I wasn’t sure about him. But I needed some help moving a piece of plywood. That went so well, we got engaged 3 weeks later. We even shared a bathroom for the first six years of our marriage!

But successful relationships can’t be made of tests, passing and failing. They’re made of relating. They’re made of goodness, laughter, tears, grace, trust and forgiveness. They’re made of love.

Whadayathink? Do you have a real love? How did/do you know? How would you define it?