Loves: Words and Martinis

It’s February. The Month of Love. I’m going to invoke a theme on my loves for this month’s posts.

I love dirty martinis. The secret to a great dirty martini is in using really good olives (no pimentos in sight). I order mine with extra olives and tip generously when the bartender knows that means at least 3. It’s considered bad bartendering to have those little ice crystals floating on top, but I love those. I love dirty martinis so much I signed up for a martini-making class when I was pregnant just to watch them being made.

My Grandpa Leo said of me once, “Charise can be anything she wants. Except for quiet.” I love me some words.

I love to speak them, listen to them, read them and write them. Words are powerful. Words well used can stir and soothe. Words poorly used can make you seethe. When I say or hear just the right words, I sigh from a place too deep. When I say or hear the wrong ones, I feel sick from the same place.

I feel passionately that the power of words must be used for good. I don’t have to agree with all your words, but I want to believe you intend your words to educate, enlighten, encourage, embolden, or even just entertain.

By the way, one of my favorite words is alliteration.