The Non-Bucket List

The Bucket List thing is so great. I highly recommend it. I have a few “can’t miss” items to do.

To do before… Well, before I can’t. Do.

Tonight on the radio, I heard a comedy bit by (now deceased) John Pinette. He is hilarious (as usual) as he talks about ice skating now being on his anti bucket list.

A list that starts with F and rhymes with bucket.

Or, to borrow from CeeLo Green and what he did with his song featuring the same uncouth, but highly effective word, we’ll call it the Forget It List.

I’m not one to rule a lot of things out.  At ahem-39, I have a lot of years left.

However, I can come up with a few things:

Ice Skating: After ankle surgery, the very idea of ice skating makes my stomach twist. Twist much the way I imagine my ankle would.  I’ll watch. I did my fair share and even had the cute outfit and could do some jumps and a very slick T-stop. But those days are over, regardless of the hardware that now holds my ankle together.

Pregnancy: It’s not that I wouldn’t take another baby, but I just am not up for being pregnant again. I didn’t enjoy it either time- as evidenced by the 17 year gap between my biological kids. I did not glow or enjoy the miracle of my body. The end result is fabulous, but is 9 months really necessary? I’m so done.

All Nighters: I remember a time where staying up all night was SO MUCH FUN. Ending the night with breakfast was the sign of a REALLY GOOD TIME. Not so much. I am still a night owl, but not an ALL-night night owl. And until my very early bird Little Sir can fix his own breakfast, I go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Mushrooms: I tried for a long time to like them and when that was not going to happen, I tried to be mature about it. But I’m done with that. I won’t eat them, don’t want them on my plate, and really would prefer they not be on anyone else’s plate either. Mushrooms kill people. And they are gross.

Fakery: I use real butter and sugar. I will settle for no less in my relationships. I honestly feel a physical revulsion to the idea of being with people I don’t like “for the sake of keeping peace.” Fake- forgery- lies- it is a slippery slope and that is no peace at all.

Well, that’s about it. I have a few other things in mind but am not sure I really want them on the Forget It list. I really can not see myself scuba diving. Or jogging. But never say never…

What’s on your F-It List?