Okay, my drink order is placed, I’m ready for 2011

I love New Year’s. New Year’s and 4th of July are my favorite holidays. I like the renewal and independent themes of those two. Neither holiday has a lot of high expectations or stress. No presents to buy, no huge meal to cook or clean up after. Just enjoy. And have a parade. And some fireworks.

I was talking with Darling Husband the other day that each of the eight years we have been together has been a doozy. Good or bad, there isn’t a year that didn’t pack a punch. And even beyond that eight, I don’t think I’ve lived a year that wasn’t FULL. And I am talking good things too, but never a dull moment.

It occurs to me that for some odd reason this was surprising. There was some part of my brain that thought there would be a end or reprieve to the turmoil and flux. It isn’t that I expected a rose garden, but just some sort of break from the peaks and valleys.

In this past year alone, my husband opened a new business, my daughter was in a near fatal accident, we got two alpacas, I got laid off from a job I liked, my dear Aunt lost her battle with cancer, I spoke to my father for the first time in ten years and I had a baby! Yowza!

And as I think it over, I wouldn’t want it any other way. This year, I’m ready. I intend to live every single moment and soak up every last drop. So, rim the glasses, ice the vodka, buy the olives, ready the blender and corkscrew: Welcome 2011!