Or, Maybe…

Or, maybe…

Okay, this sounds lovely. But we don’t always get to choose, right? I mean, is it just me that can find myself surrounded with people not possessing any of these attributes? And if they are only passing through, well…how do I put it…

They are not passing through fast enough

And people being people, you could do your best to surround yourself with happy, generous and genuine people and then Whammo! They’re having a bad day and not that person anymore.

What then? Are they only allowed in my life on their best days? On the days when they can only give?

What about the days when I don’t possess any of these qualities? When I am not happy, generous or genuine?

Certainly, there is a limit. And I have to admit, my threshold for crappy, selfish, fake is low.

So very low.

But even I know it’s not always a choice on who surrounds us. And I know happy, giving, genuine people have bad days. And on those days, need a little more grace that particular day.

I know this because on my bad days, that’s what I need.