Or, Maybe…

Or, maybe, Faith is faith. It is belief. It is not the magic cureall and if it doesn’t cure you, well, then you just must not have faith enough. Too bad for you, go to the back of the line. Tsk tsk.

I once heard God is God regardless of your faith. Faith is not measurable. You have it or you don’t. Like believing in a chair. The chair will hold-or break- regardless of how much you believe.

God will act-or not- regardless of your faith. We are not clapping fairies back to life over here, people.

And I believe God is bigger than worry and can handle it if I am conflicted.

I believe in God.

I worry.

I know all the verses.

I’m a worrier. And I am not saying it’s okay. But I am saying I HAVE ENOUGH TO WORRY ABOUT without suggesting I am  not believing in God enough or doing it right enough.

What I take from those great verses is more about having someone (i,e.; God) to bring the worries to. I have something bigger to lean on when the worry makes me falter.

Worry is less awful with faith.

Though that probably wouldn’t look as nice in frame.