Or, Maybe…



Or, maybe… NOT.

I’m going to tread softly here because I am the first one to say I don’t have all this figured out. But I really believe there are some things that are up to “chance”.  I don’t believe it’s ALL due to God’s grace and favor.

And as mean as that sounds, the reason why I believe it? Because then- by logic- I have to believe those who are starving, homeless, sold into slavery, abused (and the list goes on) are out of  God’s grace and favor.

That would mean those children used to create pornography fell out of God’s favor. Or the people in Africa who can’t afford medicine for HIV. Well, they just didn’t get a share of grace.

That would mean the homeless Vet holding the sign out on the corner missed out on Grace.

And what about the things I don’t have? A loving marriage. A close relationship with my parents. How did I fall out of favor- because other people have those things? And, frankly, some of the people that have those things? How in the hell do THEY have more favor and grace than I do? (Could be they don’t cuss.)

Uh, no.

Now, for things I do have. A reasonable degree of physical safety, healthy children, food in my fridge…a fridge! Running water… for these things I am grateful.

I AM appreciative.

But we have to be thoughtful about what we attribute directly to God because by trying to give God ALL the credit- he also would get a heap of blame. And if I believed God was to blame for all those who are in the “have not” category. For all those suffering in this country and others- that would not be a God I could believe in.