Or, Maybe

1609726_10152687702210917_5048117911796993365_nOr, Maybe…1984 didn’t look like this either.

I remember 1984 and there were video games and walkmans and gameboys and all sorts of ways to avoid connection. In 1984, I was still in high school. I disconnected from my family as much as I could. I used books, babysitting, part time jobs, and school activities. My mother used Kaluha.

As long as people have existed, there have been ways to disconnect from one another and to distract us from what we all profess is the most important thing in life: our relationships.

The forbidden fruit disconnected us from God, so it began early.

People do it with electronics, substances, work, even exercise (that never happens with me).

I’d also like to point out that tech developments have made CONNECTING so much easier and- for me- better. Having lived out of state and out of the country and now with a daughter out of state– I am so grateful to find and be found on Facebook, Skype, FaceTime. And even– going retro here!– email.

A friend from fifth grade just found me on Facebook. This is nothing short of a miracle given my transient life (and minimal understanding of all things tech).

If you’re not connecting, let’s not blame the gadget.

Now stop reading this- get off the gadget- and go talk to someone.