Or Maybe

Or maybe, if I take a momOr Maybe Memeent to consider the POINT of my speech is for mutual understanding, I can make more of an effort to be sure I have not just spouted my words (eloquent though they maybe) and leave it at that.

Isn’t the point of talking for communication? If we don’t make some effort to ensure our listener is understanding– what is the point of talking in the first place?

And as a measure of human compassion, I want to be understood. I want you to understand what I really mean. I don’t want to cause confusion or distress because I refused to make an effort to reach understanding.

Not that you have to agree or like it, but understand. Understand, for me and my world, here’s what I have to say.

I had a boss tell me one time that good communication requires 200%: 100% from the talker and 100% from the listener.

I get- heck, I KNOW- there are people who just seem to refuse to listen. To understand. There’s probably a meme for those people too.

If we accept the premise that we’re all in this together (and I do), then I AM responsible for what I say and that it is understood.

And if I mess it up? Well, I hope you can understand.