Or, maybe…

Thanks for clearing that up. I thought it was too much Xanax.

I don’t understand where this theory is coming from that if you believe in God, you have no other emotions. The idea that anyone -here I’m talking those of us who believe in God- has to front a perfect facade to…what? Prove their faith? Is living a life a faith like some sort of staring contest– whomever shows honest emotion first is out?  I hope not.

If I’m in pain, I do not smile.

If I’m confused, I do not understand.

In betrayal, I do not trust. I try to trust God, but you know, when I’m betrayed, I usually feel really BAD and that does not feel like TRUST.

And if I’m in fear…Well, I may continue to fight, but that’s just me. I also might run like hell.