Or, Maybe…

Or, maybe what you think about yourself isn’t that important either.

Hear me out- I liked this one at first. As someone who bought into other people’s (wrong) opinions of me way too often, it sounded fine. And then a very smart friend suggested it was a good candidate for an “Or, maybe…” post because it’s not what you think of yourself.

And what you think of yourself certainly isn’t everything.

She- and I- make the case it is what God thinks of you.

Did you kind of wilt at that? Well, get those shoulders back, solider! God thinks you’re wonderful. Mighty. Worthy. Blessed.*

He also knows we struggle and fail and can be selfish. He’s not an idiot- that God (I do wish mosquitos had been thought through a bit more.).

And I’ll add what you think yourself is something to consider. And- gasp!- so are what other’s think. NOT to the point you are driven by and consumed with it, but if you know you’re generous and kind and no one thinks that of you…. Well, that is something to think about. Why is that?

And if you’re creative and full of ideas– and others think you are boring, are you showing them your true self?

Because that true self is what God thinks of you. You at your most essential. The you he imagined when he created you.

And this is not something *I* think.

This is something I know.



*This link takes you to a book called Grace Rehab which is lovely encouraging read about what God thinks of you.