Or, maybe…

Or, maybe…life is not a math formula. And neither is love.

I’m a little worn out by these messages suggesting life is formulatic. If you do this, you will get this. In order for a formula to pass muster (or whatever math people call it), it has to be provable and true.

So, if this above formula is true, that would have to mean that if you don’t put your heart in the hands of God, you will not get a man who deserves it.

Or you’ll only get a man who deserves your Godless heart?

And if you get a man who doesn’t deserve your heart, then you must have failed to put your heart in God’s hands…you just thought you did, but clearly you didn’t because look at the man you got! Shame shame on you.

It just doesn’t work.

I would say, put your heart in God’s hands and rest easy that no matter what (inclusive of less deserving men), you are cared for and treasured by a great big God. That if your heart (and the rest of you) is in God’s hands, then you will weather what any man, woman, child or other wily critter might dish out.

Because life is not a formula. And neither is love.

But God is good.

All the time.