Or, maybe…

Or, maybe…honestly, this line struck me as so wrong that there really isn’t any “maybe” about it.

A slave is one who waits…Waits?

Slavery in any century past and present is of one who is kept against his/her will.


Captive. Whether legally (like American slavery) or illegally (like modern day human trafficking). But while the language that they are waiting to be freed could be considered correct, the implication that meanwhile, until their freedom arrives, they’re knitting booties is offensive.

No slave is just waiting around. They are…well, SLAVING. If they are not plotting escape, it is because their imprisonment is especially effective. Whether by actual chains or the just as powerful chains of fear.

And perhaps this quote is meant to talk of the mental and emotional and spiritual types of bondage.

Well, I don’t see that as much different. The  pain of such slavery is so intense, that if it did not take the help of another, of course we would free ourselves.

If we could, we would. As Maya Angelou says, “When you know better, you do better.”

So if someone is not able to see how to find freedom, it may take another to bring the key.

I have felt that kind of emotional slavery. And the freedom came in the guise of caring, supportive friends. Loving Grandparents. A kicking-ass-now-taking-names-later Uncle. Even a random stranger.

Even the times it looked like I did it on my own, God was in it, showing me the keys and the safe path towards Freedom.