Out of the Mouth of…my Past

I sorted through my junk room today. Some people have a drawer, I have a room. Well, part of a room. And given the postage stamp size of my cabin, there is no room for a junk room.

In the process of sorting I found two things of value:

A $50.00 gift card.

An old journal. And upon skimming its contents, a journal entry that documented a life lesson I learned last year. Oddly, almost exactly a year ago. It was how I dealt with a stressful situation:

1) Calm the f*** (I am crass in my journal) down. It’s rarely as bad as it seems at first. And even if it is bad, a panic attack is not going to add anything positive.

2) Know how you handle things. I am such a verbal processor that I need to talk it out. Even if I repeat exactly what I say in my head, talking it out allows room for solutions to surface that I had failed to notice before.

3) Ask: Do I have all the info I need to make this decision? In my journal last year, I did not. I was trying to rush a decision when I would not have the final info for a week.

I find myself in stressful circumstances. Again. So I am going to treat myself with the gift card and with a life lesson I’ve all ready learned. What is the point of life lessons if not to actually learn something.

And my junk room? I am not done. But I have clear surfaces and walkways, so a very good start.